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Gallery 10

Copyright: Christopher Wordsworth Andrew at Wordsworth250.com

Andrew Nash: The Simplon Pass

Se├ín Holden:  Lucy Poems

Marjorie Hayward: London 1802

Anne Perng Branigan: I Travelled among Unknown Men

Sonia Farooq:  Travelling

Simon Taylor: London 1802 and To a Friend

Sam O'Sullivan: Elegaic Stanzas

Simon Taylor:  There was a Boy

Lucy Philips: The Daffodils

Paul Lodge: Written in March

Philip Wells: Lines Written in Early Spring

Adam Svensen: My Heart Leaps Up

Simon Taylor: To my Sister

Megan Quinn: A Slumber did my Spirit Seal

Michael Connolly: Surprised by Joy

Thorsten-Michael Wullf & Clara Brodkorb: Written in March

Carson White:The Daffodils

Tom Hall: Tintern Abbey (extract)