- For the love of Nature -

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Gallery 11

Copyright: Christopher Wordsworth Andrew at Wordsworth250.com

Simon Taylor: Three years she grew

Mark Bardsley: I wandered lonely in a crowd

Jonathan D. Mellor: I Travelled among unknown men

Karim Khan: Lines Written in Early Spring

Marjorie Hayward: The World is too much with us

Mark Bardsley: Wordsworth's Worth

Paul Lodge: We are Seven

Dave Pritchard: Intimations of Immortality

Malcom Hebron: Resolution and Independence

Joshua Sasse: St. Paul's

Thorsten-Michael Wullf & Clara Brodkorb: To a Butterfly

Jonathan D. Mellor: Character of the Happy the Warrior

Bernard Kennedy: Expostulation and Reply

Afshan Shafi: A Slumber did my Spirit Seal

Thorsten-Michael Wulff: The Prelude (extract)

Rachel Grimshaw: The World is too much with us

Elizabeth Payne: I know an aged man constrained to dwell

Tom Conti: The Solitary Reaper