- For the love of Nature -

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Gallery 8

Copyright: Christopher Wordsworth Andrew at Wordsworth250.com

June Clegg: Anecdote for Fathers

Ben Roome: The Tables Turned

Andrew Wordsworth: There was a Boy

Oscar Olley: The Daffodils

Elaine Taylor: Written in Pencil...

Alfie Paice: I Travelled among unknown men

Enid Otun: It is a Beauteous Evening

Kathleen Jones: The Prelude (an extract)

Simon Taylor: Lucy Poems

Simon Taylor: Lucy Grey

Johnny Hunter: The Daffodils

Paul Ansdell: Stepping Westward

Larry Bliss: Surprised by Joy

John Wordsworth: Composed in the road near Calais - 1802

Elizabeth Walker: Yew Trees

Dylan Willoughby: Tintern Abbey (and extract)

Coleman Nee: We are Seven

Baroness Kennedy of Cradley: Westminster Bridge