- For the love of Nature -

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Jennifer Dunnet: We are Seven

Elizabeth Payne: Andrew Jones

Jon House: The Solitary Reaper

Tom Conti: To Sleep

Malcolm Hebron: The World is too much with us

Arthur Wood: The Daffodils

Abid Imam: October, 1803

Olypriya Roy: She was a Phantom of Delight

Seán Holden: Tintern Abbey

Leslie Caron: It is a Beauteous Evening

Tamsin Dalley: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Geoff Smith: The Prelude (an extract)

Tim Hassell: To my Sister

Mo Burton: Nuns Fret Not

Ruth Wilson: There was a Boy

Lisha Yan: The Sun has long been set

Philip Wells: Are Souls then Nothing?

Simon Taylor: Intimations of Immortality

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