- For the love of Nature -

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Poems read by members of the Wordsworth Family

Susan Wordsworth Andrew: After-Thought

Thea Aitchison: My Heart Leaps Up

Christopher Wordsworth: It is a Beauteous Evening

Bella Christie: The Daffodils

Antony Wordsworth: She was a Phantom of Delight

Lucy Brown: Lucy Grey

Alice Wordsworth: We are Seven

Sarah Wordsworth Wontner: A Tintern Abbey (Extract)

Aurore Foissy: It is a Beauteous Evening

Gina Wordsworth: Nuns Fret Not

Mary Morrison: The Prelude (Extract)

Robin Drysdale: The World is too much with us

Alfie Christie: The sun has long been set

Giles Wordsworth: London 1802

Wizzy Wordsworth: To a Butterfly

Charlotte Wordsworth: Upon Westminster Bridge

Alex Wordsworth: The Solitary Reaper

Cassandra Wordsworth: She Dwelt the Untrodden Ways

Christopher Wordsworth: My Heart Leaps Up

Charlotte Wontner: Tintern Abbey: An Extract

Phoebe Bennie: To a Butterfly

Simon Bennie: Expostulation and Reply

Micky Shillington: To the Cuckoo

Antony Wordsworth: Last of the Flock

Antony Wordsworth: To the Daisy

Rose Bennie: Travelling

Christopher Andrew: St. Paul's

Emily Christie: She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

Panda Christie: Lines Written in Early Spring

Susan Andrew: To My Sister

Eliza Lewis: Tintern Abbey

Cristina Wordsworth: To a Butterfly

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Alfie Paice: I Travelled among unknown men

Copyright: Christopher Wordsworth Andrew at Wordsworth250.com

Richard Wordsworth: The Sparrow's Nest

Richard Wordsworth: Skating - exteract from the Prelude

Richard Wordsworth: Animal Tranquility and Decay

Richard Wordsworth: Stepping Westward

Xavier Guibe: The Daffodils (in translation)

Christopher Andrew: There was a Boy

Richard Wordsworth: Goody Blake and Harry Gill

Christopher Andrew: Afterthought

Richard Wordsworth: Spots of Time (The Prelude)

Christopher Andrew: Intimations of Immortality

Rev. Christopher Wordsworth: Phanton of Delight

Xavier Guibe: The Rowing Boat (Prelude)

Richard Wordsworth: Bathing (The Prelude)

Richard Wordsworth: The Ascent of Snowden

Richard Wordsworth: The Lucy Poems

Jamie Wordsworth: A Slumber did my Spirit Seal

Rev'd Christopher Wordsworth: Tintern Abbey

Christopher Andrew: My Heart Leaps Up