- For the love of Nature -

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Caroline Quentin: Lines Written in Early Spring

Tom Sturridge: A Complaint

Kate Humble: To the Cuckoo

Helen Green: The Daffodils

Martha Kearney: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Davina McCall: Written in  March

Philip Wells: Life under Quarantine

Johnny McDaid: My Heart Leaps Up

Prof. Amra Raza: The Lesser Celandine

Michael Morris: Nutting

Paul Lodge: On her first Ascent to Helvellyn

Simon Taylor: The Prelude: An Extract

Richard Collins: Animal Tranquility and Decay

Piers Torday: Lines Written in Early Spring

Meriel Grant: Resolution aand Independence: Verse 1.

Kieron Winn: The Daffodils

Piers Russell-Cobb: She was a Phantom of Delight

Peter Elkington: Strange Fits of Passion

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