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Most Recent Poems:

Stephen Fry: The World is too much with us

Thea Aitchison: My Heart Leaps Up

Some Highlights

Caroline Quentin: Lines Written in Early Spring

Sonya Walger: Composed Upon  Westminster Bridge

Tom Sturridge: A Complaint

Kate Humble: To the Cuckoo

Martha Kearney: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Davina McCall: Written in  March

Philip Wells: Life under Quarantine

Johnny McDaid: My Heart Leaps Up

Michael Morris: Nutting

Paul Lodge: On her first Ascent to Helvellyn

Mary McCormack: We Are Seven

Christopher Wordsworth: My Heart Leaps Up

Brian Cox: The World is too much with us

Lindy Alexander: Surprised by Joy

Keith Bartlett: To the Butterfly: Both versions

William H Macy: She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

Gordon Griffin: The Solitary Reaper

Annabel Bates: Argument for Suicide

Christopher Andrew: St. Paul's

Hugh Bonneville: Intimations of Immortality

Elizabeth Payne: Andrew Jones

Tom Conti: To Sleep

Leslie Caron: It is a Beauteous Evening

Susan Andrew: To My Sister

Ruth Wilson: There was a Boy

Jacqueline King: Lines Written in Early Spring

Christopher Wordsworth: It is a Beauteous Evening

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Antony Wordsworth: To the Daisy

Gyles Brandreth: A Complaint

Jonathan Mellor: Written at Grasmere

Poem Count: 235

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Rev. Christopher Wordsworth: Phanton of Delight

Dave Pritchard: Intimations of Immortality