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Most Recent Poems:

Stephen Fry: The World is too much with us

Thea Aitchison: My Heart Leaps Up

Some Highlights

Caroline Quentin: Lines Written in Early Spring

Sonya Walger: Composed Upon  Westminster Bridge

Tom Sturridge: A Complaint

Kate Humble: To the Cuckoo

Martha Kearney: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

Davina McCall: Written in  March

Philip Wells: Life under Quarantine

Johnny McDaid: My Heart Leaps Up

Michael Morris: Nutting

Paul Lodge: On her first Ascent to Helvellyn

Mary McCormack: We Are Seven

Christopher Wordsworth: My Heart Leaps Up

Brian Cox: The World is too much with us

Lindy Alexander: Surprised by Joy

Keith Bartlett: To the Butterfly: Both versions

William H Macy: She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

Gordon Griffin: The Solitary Reaper

Annabel Bates: Argument for Suicide

Hugh Bonneville: Intimations of Immortality

Elizabeth Payne: Andrew Jones

Tom Conti: To Sleep

Leslie Caron: It is a Beauteous Evening

Susan Wordsworth Andrew: To My Sister

Ruth Wilson: There was a Boy

Jacqueline King: Lines Written in Early Spring

Christopher Wordsworth: It is a Beauteous Evening

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Antony Wordsworth: To the Daisy

Gyles Brandreth: A Complaint

Albert Pierre: Intimations of Immortality


We made it! With lovely reading on Country File by Ellie Harrison on September 27th 2020 we reached the magical 250 mark. However, new readings are welcome and we will continue to upload the new ones as and when they are received. Please continue to check back.

Christopher Wordsworth Andrew

Ellie Harrison: The Tables Turned

Christopher Andrew: Afterthought