- For the love of Nature -

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Gallery 9

Copyright: Christopher Wordsworth Andrew at Wordsworth250.com

Rev'd Michael Bochenski: Point Rash Judgement

Barbara Moxham: The Daffodils

Jonathan Bate: A Slumber did my Spirit Seal'

Sharon Tay: To a Distant Friend

Paul James: There was a Boy

Helen Johnson: To a Snowdrop  

Mariam Wassif: Three years she grew

Kenneth Abrams: The Summer of 1966 - a lakeland memory

David Marks: The Stepping Stones

Paul Lodge: The Daffodils

Jane Roberts: To the same Flower

Graham Kershaw: To my Sister

Kelley Costigan: Scorn not the Sonnet

Kim Rooney: Independence and Resolution

Fred Sheppard: A Slumber did my Spirit Seal

David Pritchard: Intimations of Immortality (an extract)

Rebecca Night:  How sweet it is when Mother Fancy rocks...

Anton Jarvis: Simon Lee